Tire Buffings / Rubber Buffings

Commonly named: Rubber Base Buffings/ Crumb Rubber Chippings / Rubber Mulch/ SBR Buffing / Retreaded Tire Buffings / Buffing dust.

Our rubber buffings sizes ranging from 1cm to 7cm length.

Description: our Rubber Buffings are made from 100% Recycled Rubber. SBR buffing are used in gardening and landscaping projects but also not less commonly used on pour-in-place playgrounds as the base layer material. With rubber buffing you’re getting soft, cushioned child friendly surfaces throughout your garden and play areas.

Benefits (for gardening and ground areas):

  • The tire buffing are much heavier then natural wood buffings therefore it’s much durable;
  • aesthetically enhances walkways and play areas also landscaping as well;
  • requires no maintenance;
  • it keeps weeds down and makes trimming easier;
  • it can be color coded to adjust your requirements for environment;
  • cushioned (minkštas);
  • simple to install;
  • safe;
  • shock absorbing;
  • anti slip;
  • sound proofing.