We are pleased to introduce you good quality and price friendly UPVC, wooden and aluminum windows. We are one of the best window manufacturers in Lithuania with more than 10 years experience.

Benefits of our services:

  • quality conforming to requirements of EU;
  • price friendly production
  • short terms of manufacturing and processing the orders
  • delivery to your place

We produce Upvc Veka windows that have many of advantages:

  • Strict quality standards of network Veka
  • Stylish good looks – a range of styles, colours, materials
  • Impact and weather resistance - Impact-modified PVC-U profiles can withstand the worst that the British weather can throw at them
  • Strength and rigidity – All VEKA windows offer exceptional strength and rigidity thanks to their innovative multi-chamber design.
  • Energy efficiency – ‘A’ on the BFRC rating system.
  • Sound reduction - The installation of PVC-U double glazed or triple glazed windows will dramatically reduce the volume noise generated by traffic, aircraft or noisy neighbors.

 Upvc windows are not the ones we produce. We also can offer Aluminum windows that are very strong and can be used for bigger constructions and Wooden windows that are very energy efficient and has a big choice of frames as pine, oak, larch, mahogany, beech.

VEKA Effectline


Coextruded external seals are specially designed to protect against the infiltration of cold air and humidity. Steel strengthens best known for the other 70-millimeter profile, providing static stability and long-term functionality. -Slim design with elegant and classical optics Perfectline.-Very low total amount of lateral sashes and frame profiles, amounting to 109 mm provides greater glazing surface and excellent interior illumination.

Certain standard mounting fittings in the sash and window arm. Wide-range availability of compatible and complementary components of the total of 70-millimeter VEKA Perfectline profile systems.


Veka   Alphaline 90



The profile system with the 90 mm installation depth features particularly effective energy-saving technology

Insulation values of up to Uw = 0.74 W/(m²K) when using 2 insulation strips and thermally divided steel reinforcement featuring highly insulating triple glazing with Ug 0.5 W/(m²K) (for more information: download PDF)

6-chamber geometry, optionally available with additional insulation strips

Centre seal system with 3-level seal for improved sound protection, higher leak tightness and more effective thermal insulation

Wall thickness at the highest RAL quality standard ‘Class A’ (DIN EN 12608)

Slimline design in a classic look with balanced proportions and narrow visible surfaces of 118 mm



Residential door system with 70 mm basic installation depth

Optimal stability provided by large-scale metal reinforecements with integrated corner weld joints

Deep glazing area allowing the use of all Standard commercially available door panels for greater creative freedom

Double continuous seals down to the floor prevent draughts and reduce heat loss

Thermally separated threshold guarantees perfect insulation even in the lower connection area

Classic design with elegantly rounded edges

Concealed attachement and excheangeble cover profile ensure an attractive appearance

Aliuminium weatherboard guides away driving rain



System of profiles for sliding windows and doors characterized by its 3/2 chambers, 70 millimeters of depth and the possibility of fitting with glass panes of up to 28 millimeters. It stands out for its thermal insulation values; with a thermal transmittance of the profiles of 2.1 W/m2K, Class 4 air permeability and Class C5 wind resistance. It permits the replacement of the draught excluder by a double watertight ring between frame and leaf to increase the performance of the window. The closed-frame reinforcement design provides a simpler installation and the leaf reinforcements with greater inertia give it stability.

Scandinavian PVC window VEKA Danline 70/116

PVC window VEKA Danline 70/116 of Scandinavian opening type

Exceptionally high heat retention parameters, thick window frame. Scandinavian design and opening type. Window of this type meets the highest requirements of Scandinavian market.

U = 0,9 W/m2K (with triple glazed unit and thermal frame)

Class A according to DIN EN 12608 quality standard. The window is manufactured from German-made profile from VEKA AG.

The profile is reinforced with a square steel tube. This design ensures the maximal possible strength. Walls of PVC profile are thick. For these reasons VEKA Danline 70/116 window is exceptionally strong without sacrificing the heat retention parameters.

Raw materials used for production of the window have been duly certified.

Application: residential and commercial buildings.